Monte do Giestal

The countryside reinvented itself to continue to take care of you!

Prémio Melhor Turismo Rural 2012

The Monte

Y(our) Monte

Monte do Giestal has re-emerged to offer you, your family and friends moments of great pleasure and relaxation amidst green coloured fields, bright blue sky and the aromas of the soil.

Located on the Alentejo coast, in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém and parish council of Abela, the Giestal Estate extends over 71 hectares and is completely surrounded by oaks, human influence being practically non-existent. The Monte do Giestal – Casas de Campo & SPA aim to become your estate, your second home, and your first choice for resting, socializing with family and friends, and enjoying nature in its purest state.

Monte do Giestal is not just another rural tourism spot, but the place to experience utmost rural tourism and the first choice for those seeking the beauty of the countryside on the coast of Alentejo.

The property includes a set of cottages built in traditional architectonic style combining the simplicity of what it means to be in, and from Alentejo, with the required and much deserved comfort of our times.

In y(our) Monte do Giestal you will find 10 detached cottages, a reception area where you can take your meals, a games room, a living room where you can take a rest, and also a large terrace where you can enjoy the sun and the countryside breeze. The spa offers you a large array of massages to choose from, but should you prefer to exercise a little, the facilities also include a gym. If you prefer outdoor activities, you can opt for a dip in the pool or a tennis match in the court.

We have not forgotten children either, and for them we have a playground where they can have lots of fun.

Do you wish to bring your pet? Feel free! The estate has a kennel/cattery and your four-legged friend is most welcome here.

Monte do Giestal – Casas de Campo & SPA stemmed from the dream of being able to share with all those visiting us the simplicity of hospitality, the unique flavours of local cuisine, the relaxing landscape of Alentejo, the aromas of the earth and finally, and all the best we have to share…

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Monte do Giestal has 10 cottages with 1 bedroom (T1) or two bedrooms (T2), and one of them is equipped to receive guests with reduced mobility. All cottages have air conditioning, kitchen with stove, fridge, dishwasher, and the living room has a fireplace for the colder days. Each cottage has been decorated in accordance with a theme and each has a tale to tell. Do you know the name of the oak fruit? Have you ever seen a wild olive? Do you know what cork is used for? Probably you do, but it can surely be used for much more than you think! Come along and discover everything that Monte do Giestal has to offer you.

The decoration took into account the earthy tones and materials processed by hand in order to make this a unique, simple, authentic and, above all, a warm and cosy atmosphere. We want you to feel at home at Monte do Giestal!


The SPA area was conceived to complement the accommodation and a good meal, or even as an opportunity to relax after all the energy spent on outdoor activities. Associated with the concept «Health through Water», Monte do Giestal also aims to provide wellness through the rural environment and by incorporating what is most characteristic of Alentejo.

The SPA has a covered area spanning over 300 m2 and provides the following services:

  • Gym
  • Infrared sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Sensations shower
  • Heated swimming pool with several sets of massages
  • Relaxation rom
  • Massage room (*)
  • Whirlpool in Ofurö tub

Or if you prefer…who knows……you can enjoy a massage under the shade of the oak tree……the choice is yours. Indulge!

(*) Massages require prior reservation! Reserve in advance to make the most of everything that Monte do Giestal has to offer.


At Monte do Giestal you will find a wide range of activities to occupy your leisure and rest periods.

  • How about a bike ride or a walk in the extensive area of the property?
  • For the children, playing in the sand or spending a good time at the playground. Everything will become an adventure;
  • Or a picnic in the countryside;
  • A glass of wine and a good book sitting on a traditional bench amidst the cork trees;
  • Do you have time for a nap after lunch or before dinner? No! So, do enjoy. Lie down and fall asleep to the sound of birds and wind, under the shade of a centenary tree;
  • But if it gets too hot, it is best to take a swim in the pool and play with your little one in the water;
  • In the evening, maybe a game of tennis;
  • Alternatively, you can spend the afternoon enjoying the traditional games we have at your disposal, which is perhaps the best way to wait for dinner: a sack race, playing hopscotch, or a game with marbles;
  • If you enjoy decorative works and handcraft, what do you think of attending classes where you will be able to produce true “masterpieces” in a short time, or perhaps oil painting in the countryside?
  • Have you ever seen cork harvesting? Have you ever visited an olive oil mill? Or black pig production using the camping system? This is your chance!

If you prefer other activities outsider the property, perhaps you can enjoy:

  • A jeep tour;
  • A dip in the sea or a boat trip along the Alentejo coast;
  • A good fishing session;
  • Paint ball, archery, abseiling, among many other cultural, heritage, and sports possibilities.

Tell us what you would like to find in (y)our Monte do Giestal rural tourism and we will do the (im)possible to meet your wishes and expectations. We want your stay to have plenty of excitement.


In Monte do Giestal you have the opportunity to book your meals. However, should you prefer to cook them in your country house and cannot be bothered to go shopping, we offer a home delivery service. Make a list and we will deal with the rest .

If you get dirtier than planned, do not worry, we offer a laundry service

Should you wish to go to the hairdresser but feel the atmosphere here is so pleasant that you don’t want to leave the premises, this is fine, as the hairdresser/manicure/pedicure will come to you. We will just call them

If you want to bring your pet, just do it. The kennel is waiting for your friend and water is always available.


We wait for your reservation by email, telephone or fax, or directly , should you wish to see it before coming on holiday or for a weekend. Following the arrival of your order we will confirm availability. We are at your disposal and are delighted to welcome you at (y)our Monte, your second home.


High Season: 1st july to september 15th

Mid Season: september 16th to october 31th and march 15th to june 30th

Low Season: november 1st to march 14th

Maximum occupants:

  • 4 people per T1
  • up to 6 people per T2

Other Notes:

  • During Carnival, Easter, Christmas, New Year, and extended weekends, high season rates apply.
  • Special rates for extended stays and groups.
  • Extra bed for children: 15 € / extra bed for adults: 30 € / Crib: free.
  • Pets accepted at the kennel by paying a rate of 10€/day.
  • Meals: upon reservation


  • Circuit: Turkish Bath, Sensations Shower, Gym, Sauna and Indoor Pool with several sets of massages.
  • Entry for guests: 15€/pax
  • Whirlpool Room: 10€/pax
  • Massages: between 40€ and 70€
  • Entry for non-guests: 20€/pax (1/2 day)


These times are challenging and constantly test our adaptability and resilience!

Focused on what we cherish so much, the well-being and safety of everyone, we reinvent ourselves every day to return the affection and choice of customers who have us as a reference. Our policy is to guarantee relaxed and excellent stays with the characteristic that characterizes us: quality, comfort, diversity, hygiene, safety and availability of the entire team.

Our priority is people, whether customers or employees. Everyone is at the top of our daily concerns, now more than ever.

We have always looked after the control and hygiene of all areas of Monte do Giestal, be it in Villas (Casas de Campo), in Spa do Monte, Pool and common areas.

However, and taking into account the context we are going through, this concern is now even more systematized.


All our employees received specific information and / or training on the internal protocol related to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, including the appropriate procedures:

– Hand hygiene: wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer that has at least 70% alcohol, covering all surfaces of the hands and rubbing them until they are dry.

– Respiratory etiquette: coughing or sneezing into the flared forearm or using a tissue, which must then be immediately thrown away; Always sanitize your hands after coughing or sneezing and after blowing; Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

– Social conduct: change the frequency and form of contact between workers and between them and customers, avoiding close contact, handshakes, kisses.

– Comply with daily self-monitoring to assess fever, check for cough or difficulty breathing.


Before guests enter, the villas are disinfected.


– All clothes are changed and washed at more than 60º.

– All objects are disinfected with certified products.


– Guests have, in each house and for individual use, dispensers with disinfectant solutions, with at least 70% alcohol, blue soap, disposable masks and gloves.


– We have dispensers with disinfectant solutions with at least 70% alcohol in all common areas, to ensure that our guests regularly disinfect their hands.

– The daily cleaning frequency has been increased. We give preference to furniture subject to greater human contact, such as tables, knobs, keys to access the villas, social sofa, playground area, children’s games and pool table.

– At the reception, an acrylic platform was created to avoid contact with our staff.

– We restrict the presence of guests by areas.

– Breakfast is served in the dining room, and to ensure the necessary social distance, only one or two houses can be present at a time (depending on the total number of guests, per house). Pre-booking is made with each villa to ensure that at the appointed time they can come in and enjoy our traditional delicacies. We will not have a buffet, but we will guarantee the variety of our products on request, with one person from our team properly protected for this purpose. If the customer prefers, breakfast can be served on the terrace or in the comfort of your home, on request.

– We also serve homemade meals, on request, in the villas.


– The water in our two pools (indoor and outdoor) is treated with chlorine, so we decided to increase the amount at the upper limit of the allowed range to also guarantee the maximum possible and recommended level of disinfection.

– Each villa will be assigned 2 sun loungers that are for the exclusive use of guests in that same house. At check-out the sunbeds are disinfected.


-The Spa is open, but with limited access to one or two houses (depending on the total number of guests, per house), for a maximum period of 1 hour. It is not allowed to bathe in the Spa’s changing rooms, the guest having to do so in the comfort of his villa. The treatments (massage and aesthetics) are always maintained by appointment, and with the guarantee, on the part of the therapist, that all the care and norms of the General Directorate of Health will be duly complied with.


– Personal protective equipment in sufficient numbers for all workers.

– Room to isolate people that can be detected as suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, with natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation system. It has smooth and washable linings, bathroom, stock of cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, autonomous waste container, waste bags, used clothes collection bags, kit with water and some non-perishable foods.


Monte do Giestal
Casas de Campo & SPA
BRIC 801 – Cova do Gato
7540-031 Abela
Santiago do Cacém

Telephone / Fax: +351 269 902 068
Mobile Phone: +351 961 378 777
Coordinates: N 38º 00´42″ W 8º 30′ 20″
E-mail: geral [at] montedogiestal [dot] com

Getting There

From Porto or Lisbon: From Porto take the A1 to Lisbon. From Lisbon take the A2 until the exit Beja/Ferreira. Continue towards Ourique / Faro. About 10 km later turn right at the sign Ermidas/Santiago.

Coming from the Algarve: From the Algarve take the A2- Northbound until the Aljustrel exit. Continue in the direction Santiago / Sines. Follow the sign “Mimosa” to the right. About 10 km later, turn left towards Ermidas/Santiago.

Monte do Giestal